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Many employees throughout the UK are injured due to an accident or incident at work. As noted in the Health and Safety act of work 1974, all employers have the responsibilities to work towards reducing the risk of injuries caused at work.


When involved in an accident at work there are certain procedures that need to be followed, such as;

You will need to make an entry of the incident in the employers accident workbook, this should be done as soon as possible preferably directly after the accident. If you do not make the entry yourself then its always a good idea to take a look to make sure everything is noted down correctly.

You should take any details and note down names, addresses and even telephone numbers if applicable of all witnesses of the accident, incident or injury.

There are many more things you can do to help your case, so if applicable it can be a good idea to take photographs, preserve any evidence relating to the incident and one of the most important parts is to make sure you visit your GP to record your injury and any symptoms regularly.

Our panel of solicitors specialise in all kinds of accidents at work related injuries and work on a no win no fee bases such as but not limited to;

Accidents at work explained

When you have an accident at work no matter how small it may be the results can affect your normal day to day lifestyle. You may not be able to do your normal routine and it can affect you in many ways including the loss of earnings which can have many financial implications. This is the reason why claims are made to compensate for the many losses that are associated with accidents at work.

Our Solicitor panel members are specialists in accidents at work while working on a no win no fee bases. This means that if you feel that you have a case then our solicitors will look into it for you in further detail and advise what steps need to be taken. They will work with you on your side and try their very best to get the maximum payout possible. If however you are unsuccessful then the good news is that there is still no fee to be paid - So it’s a win win situation, No win no fee and win no fee - This makes everything so simple for our users and ensures a 100% payout.

We understand the impacts any accident at work has on a individual and as a result we make claiming a very simple process.

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