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Car Accident Injury claim – Passenger

Car accidents are very common in the UK and all over the world. In many cases Passengers and drivers walk away without any injuries which is great however its also very common for such accidents to have catastrophic effects. In such cases this can not only affect the well being and lifestyle of an individual but it can also have big financial implications.

As a passenger in a vehicle if you was involved in a road traffic accident then you certainly have the right to claim compensation in most circumstances. Unless you actually contributed to the accident you will be regarded as being the innocent party and will be able to recover your losses in the form of compensation very quickly as liability will not be an issue.

Road traffic accident solicitors

Our Network of Solicitors operate on a No win no fee bases and specialise in Motor accident injury claims - This means that you will have an experienced solicitor on your side fighting to gain the maximum compensation possible. Due to the way our Solicitors operate it means that you will be entitled to 100% compensation and if your case was to fall through then there would still be no fee. So the formula is simple. No win no fee - win and still no fee.

Our solicitors have helped many claimants and continue to do so on a daily bases with very satisfying results - contact us today to see how we can help you.

The Compensation Claims Process

Once we have matched your case to the best solicitor, they will make contact with the fault party insurers dealing with your case they will need to discuss liability. We then ensure that claimants are examined by specialist doctors who can advise on a recovery period and where appropriate recommend treatment to help with any residual symptoms. In many cases we can arrange physiotherapy free of charge with the compensating insurer (subject to liability) Following the examination the medical expert will provide a report upon which your nominated solicitor will negotiate your compensation award.

We make claiming hassle free to ensure it doesnt have a negative effect on your personal experience.