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What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is the most common injury resulting from a road traffic accident which is caused by the head, neck and spine being thrown by force in one direction and then back the opposite way, just like a whip.

This motion can cause minor or major damage to the soft tissue areas of the neck, spine and back especially in between the joints of your body as the contraction and retraction in a forceful motion can tear or at least stretch the muscles and tissues in abnormal ways causing unhealthy strains which may take several months or sometimes years to repair.

What are the sypmtoms of whiplash?

The human body reacts differently depending on the person however restricted blood flow and abnormal tensions that the body would experience due to whiplash regularly cause many if not all of the symptoms below.

Neck pain or stiffness
Difficulty swallowing
Blurred vision
Pain between the shoulder blades
Pain in the arms or legs, feet and hands
Low back pain or stiffness
Shoulder pain
Ringing in the ears
Numbness and tingling
Pain in the jaw
Facial discomfort

Treatments for whiplash

In all cases treatment would require plenty of rest as the body will need time and avoiding stressful activities to recover. In most cases physiotherapy has proven to work effectively. Normally it would require at least 10 sessions of physiotherapy for a complete course of treatment as recommended by industry experts however in some circumstances you may need more sessions of treatment in cases where the damage is greater or longer lasting.

If you would like more information for claiming whiplash compensation or costs to treat your whiplash injuries please email, text or call us and we will help you to claim and keep 100% of the compensation you are awarded.

Our solicitors have helped many clients claim for compensation successfully in many similar circumstances following road traffic accidents in the U.K and have the right experience and knowledge to help you back to good mental and physical health.

Case Study

Mr and Mrs D where travelling along the road on a normal day planning on spending the day shopping in the city centre. Mr D stopped at a round-about to give way to on-coming traffic when the car behind had failed to stop causing Mr D’s car to be hit in the rear at 30 miles per hour. This left Mr and Mrs D in serious pain so our solicitors helped them to claim the compensation and treatment they required. Mr and Mrs D received £5000 each as compensation, repairs to the vehicle and had all the treatment they needed paid for by the fault party insurance company